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PR Monitor (Pty) Ltd distributes your press releases and other content to the most influential media outlets, editors, journalists, freelancers, news portals, social media networks, bloggers and industry analysts in an instant.

Use this premier press release delivery platform to send text, photos, videos and audio materials. You can also send reports, speeches and research documents as individual submissions.

Our proprietary publishing technology is tailored to facilitate access to and distribution of press releases and other content via PR Monitor website, online news sites, news portals, social media networks, email, XML formatted feed, wire feed and RSS feed, driving media and investor attention to your door step.

We specialise in JSE-listed companies and large unlisted entities, top 40 companies, resi 10, indi 25, Fini 15, economy, business, finance, politics, parastatals, environment, legal, labour, and small business.


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